A tailored healthcare cleaning plan and service to meet your CQC cleanliness and infection control requirements

We understand the pressure in complying with stringent health, safety and hygiene regulations and the importance of complying with the required due diligence provisions. Whether you need a regular ‘sparkle clean’ or a thorough ”deep clean”, you can trust us to do the job well, every time and at a competitive price.Some of the Environmental Cleaning and Preparation of working areas policies we follow include;

– A cleaning schedule which can be audited is put in place for all theatres and equipment to ensure adequate damp dusting and deep cleaning is achieved.

– Your theatre staff mop with disposable systems and remove debris from the floor prior to our staff cleaning the theatre. Mop buckets for spillage are emptied after each use and kept dry until next required. All horizontal surfaces in the operating theatre are cleaned at the end of each list using a freshly prepared solution of 1000 ppm of available chlorine, which you provide).

– The surfaces is then be wiped with clean water to assist with drying. Additional cleaning using the same preparation is recommended between each case and must be used following any potential infective case. The same standard applies following maintenance of the theatre. For non infective cases where it is not feasible to use chlorine with the recommended regularity then universal sanitising wipes may be used to replace the chlorine.

– Wall washing must be undertaken:

What We Do

  • following annual routine theatre maintenance
  • following any interference with the fabrication of the environment
  • following a C Diff case, only if patient opens bowels.
  • Plus More………