STOT Quality Service Co. provides a range of daily Schools, offices cleaning, window cleaning & carpet cleaning services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

We relish the responsibility that schools cannot afford to have any fluctuations in the cleaning service. With children and parents visiting the schools, they have to be pristine every day. We ensure more supervision than other London school cleaning companies and our school cleaners are checked regularly, educated and cajoled to ensure they fully understand the cleaning requirements and high standards that Stot Co. demands

In this way we believe our school cleaning staff take more pride in the quality of their work – find out why leading London schools switch their school cleaning services to STOT Quality Service Co. We will devise an individual plan for cleaning your school. Here is a sample from one of our checklists to show what our team of school cleaners can do for you:

What We Do

    • Classrooms (daily) inc. library, music, it & technology rooms cleaning
    • Empty waste bins, replace and remove bags to disposal point
    • Damp wipe/polish tables and chairs
    • Clean overheads in rotation
    • Dry dust IT equipment
    • Hall, gym & refectory cleaning
    • Vacuum carpets
    • Plus More….

Other Services; these are services that we have added to our scope

    • Grounds manager;
    • Key holding and locking up services
    • Janitorial services
    • Scheduled deep cleans
    • Carpet cleaning services

All the above can be negotiated separate from the contracted agreement.