Stot Services provides a range of daily office cleaning, window cleaning & carpet cleaning services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

We already have an impressive list of companies where we provide contracted cleaners, office cleans and regular cleaning as we have been offering this service since we launched.Our reputation has grown through word of mouth alone (referrals) and now we believe we’ve perfected our service to provide the best office cleaning in the capital.

We use a combination of superior products, expertise and tried and tested techniques to ensure your offices are thoroughly cleaned and ready to be used. We take care of all equipment using only recommended products and equipment to clean technology or delicate items and we listen to your needs so we know where to place any paper or clutter.Our office cleaners are specially trained, experienced and vetted.

Every clean is bespoke to the company’s requirements as we understand you need us to help you be more organised, not to throw your office into disarray.

We offer flexible rates depending on occupancy levels.

What We Do

  • Vacuum soft furnishings
  • Empty waste bins, replace and remove bags to disposal point
  • Damp wipe outsides of bins as required
  • Damp wipe/sanitise telephones in rotation
  • Damp wipe coffee spillage from walls
  • Dust/polish wooden furniture,
  • Vacuum all carpet areas including under desks and chairs
  • Plus More….