Serviced Office Clean


Keeping your office in tip-top shape should be a priority for any business. Hiring a company that provides office cleaning services can help you to achieve this. They’ll ensure that your office is consistently clean and will not let their cleaning schedule get in the way of your work.

At STOT QSC we provide flexible office cleaning services tailored to the needs of our clients. We work around our clients’ schedules to deliver a seamless and professional daily office cleaning service. Our office cleaning teams are experienced and COSHH trained, delivering superior results time after time and measures are put in place to foster Data Protection.

Our daily office cleaning teams ensure that our customers’ most valuable resource- their staff, have a clean and pleasant working environment. STOT QS Cleaning teams use specialised cleaning equipment, such as low noise emitting vacuums and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions making sure that our office cleaning service is discreet and efficient.

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